Teams do not exist

As a leader in an organisation, thinking of teams as a single concrete entity leads to cognitive biases and blind spots that can prevent us choosing options that get the results we and the people in our teams would like to achieve

Teams do not exist.

When creating software, what really matters? @ DevConf Johannesburg 2019

There’s no shortage of guidance around the internet on how to become a competent software developer. It’s an exciting road to travel. But, what comes after you’ve reached a level of competence? What’s beyond that horizon?

As a programmer in the late ’90s and 2000s, I focused on growing my competence in a pragmatic “what works?” sort of way, and readily adopted ideas that were useful. For a decade or so after that, as a coach and consultant, I frequently provided context-free general advice that was aligned to innovative ideas that had worked for me in the past but didn’t always have a lasting impact for the people and teams I was coaching. Today, as a technical leader working with teams of developers across the world, I’m growing a deepening understanding of what really matters when creating software.

I'm joining Jemstep by Invesco as Director of Engineering

In January 2018 I’ll be taking up an exciting new position outside of Driven Alliance

I started Driven in 2008. Almost 10 years and 15 full time employees on and it’s been a wonderful journey and experience. I’ve learned so much from all those that I had the privileged of collaborating with, inside Driven, at our clients, and within the wider software development community.

Collaborative Programming

What is the fundamental reason for producing production code together with others, rather than alone?

Pair and Mob programming practices are far more effective approaches to writing production software than individuals working alone.


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