Interviewed for Devjourney podcast

I chatted with Tim Bourguignon (@timothep) about my developer journey and some of the steps along the way.

Episode #232 - Kevin Trethewey on his extreme programming journey

Tim hosts the DevJourney podcast, with the main theme of having an open ended conversation with someone who’s made a career from being a software developer.

Blurb from Tim on our convo…

Kevin started his story in the 80 & the 90s but quickly said, “Coding found me more than I found it.” We then discussed his (very early) Bootcamp and how he went from one job to the next, slowly feeling less incompetent. We talked about ADHD, networking, people & organizational problems, and environment variables. We then dug our heels into eXtreme Programming and the Spine model: Needs, Values, Principles, Practices, and Tools, and how it helps us create better teams and organizations.

The episodes of the podcast include some fascinating people with very interesting stories, I felt it was a privileged to be added to the list.

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