Marine Reefing

Between 2017 and 2019 I built up a 1100 litre mixed reef marine fish tank.

This was my first salt water tank, after keeping smaller fresh water tanks for a few years. Sea life is just so different to what we encounter in every day life. Learning about the different creatures, their behaviours and how to maintain them was fascinating to me.

It is the sort of hobby that would take a lifetime to master - a confluence of marine biology, chemistry, lighting, plumbing, electricity, aesthetic design and several other fields. I think I was also drawn to it because it’s was opportunity to work with my hands, which is a nice contrast from during the week when I am mostly using my mind.

In late 2019 the tank crashed. Possibly poisoned by a sea apple dying in the tank, but I don’t know for sure. I lost all the fish except for 3, and several of the other critters.

I didn’t have the heart to start again, and with that and given the inner conflict I always had on whether I should be supporting the home reef supply industry I decided to shut it down and convert it to a fresh water tank.

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