Kevin Trethewey


I’m a coach, consultant and business owner with a software development background and a deep curiosity for how work works. I have had the opportunity to build software, teams and organisations in vastly different domains, and seen growing levels of success along the way.

If you would like to know more about my professional career, LinkedIn is a good place to start.

I have quite an active twitter account where I tweet what I am thinking about or interested in. This is usually topics around the work I do, and concepts I am trying to understand in relation to how work works in the organisations I am involved in.

Outside of work related things, I’m a very involved and committed father to two young boys, and husband to a wonderful wife and mother (who is also my business partner).

I’m always interested in understanding how things work, and building or growing things. My regular interests include: reading books, marine reef aquariums, motorbikes, growing trees, gardening, camping, coding, walking, scuba diving, swimming, engines, woodwork, metalwork, cultures, language, philosophy, travel. The more of these I can combine with time with my family, the happier I tend to be.

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