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My Shower Thoughts

Short ideas or observations about the world around me...

  • Team dynamics seem to be much healthier when the person leading what gets done and the one leading how are not the same person.
  • We equate effort with value because effort’s easier to quantify and measure. In knowledge work they don’t correlate. Ever.
  • Dev manager: show me your skills, if they fit I’ll hire you. Agile team: show us your values, if they fit we’ll teach you the skills.
  • If at first you don’t succeed and you can’t afford to try again, you probably approached it wrong.
  • If you want to find the person in an organisation with the authority to effect structural change, go up the management stack passing all those that can say no, and find one with the power to say yes.
  • To any employer: if you can’t afford to trade an hour of received labor for an hour of given mentorship you’re doing your maths wrong.
  • When someone tells me a tech is powerful but complicated I’m skeptical. When they say it’s powerful and simple then they have my attention.
  • How many great books have been written in the name of profit? Probably very few.
  • Probably the most important life lesson I have learnt in the last 5 years: Context is King.
  • The right food is important; Desires of the body increase when they are not satisfied. Desires of the mind increase when they are.
  • Next challenge for mid-large enterprise: understanding they still need good software developers whilst good developers no longer need them.
  • In every line of code you write you make design decisions. You make an asynchronous trade off between future effort and value. Trade well.
  • 1000s of people over 100s of years spent their lives learning, then wrote it down for future generations. What are you doing this evening?
  • When people resign you cant ‘replace them’. You may find someone to do the same work they used to, but that’s also not something to aim for.
  • What good question did you ask today?
  • It’s much harder to admit you have a problem when you don’t know how to deal with it. The converse is also true.
  • Manual labour has a symmetrical relationship between hours worked and value produced. Mental labour is asymmetrical. What are you measuring?
  • It’s not the strongest who go forwards, it’s the ones who can adapt.
  • Progress in mastery is a transcendence of the questions, not the answers.
  • Pause for a moment today and think about whether the tools you are using are limiting you.